AI in Healthcare - Opportunities and Challenges

Posted On 2021-07-07 16:25:51

In this special edition, researchers and clinicians from across the world outline the scale of the use of AI in various contexts and key issues to consider in implementing AI in healthcare strategies. Covered in this edition is the ability of AI to enable precision medicine, issues in hospitals using AI for strategic decision making, how AI has been used in the Indian healthcare sector, the role of AI in managing respiratory diseases, the ability of AI to improve the quality of healthcare, why AI and healthcare need each other, and the key data governance challenges involved in implementing AI in healthcare. The collected articles promise not only a good review of AI in healthcare but also a balanced perspective for readers as to what AI can do for healthcare.

The series “AI in Healthcare - Opportunities and Challenges” was commissioned by the editorial office, Journal of Hospital Management and Health Policy without any sponsorship or funding. Sandeep Reddy, Jenifer Sunrise Winter, Sandosh Padmanabhan are serving as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.