Meet the Experts: the Cutting Edge in Hospital Management

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Hospital management is a key to the huge difference between a well-maintained and operated hospital and a chaotic environment where the quality of patient care suffers. The role of hospital managers is thus of utmost importance – Often do they have limited direct communication with patients, but they play a crucial role in ensuring patient care and in the success of the hospital as a whole by focusing on the big picture and identifying changes to help maintain the highest-possible standards.

The column "Meet the Experts: the Cutting Edge in Hospital Management" is built with a simple but important aim – getting to know the days of these hospital administrators with different backgrounds, regions and cultures, and how the quality of healthcare can be better off with their involvements and efforts. May we read through these articles and find out how they are dedicated to finishing this vital yet never-ending piece of healthcare puzzle.

The series “Meet the Experts: the Cutting Edge in Hospital Management” was commissioned by the editorial office, Journal of Hospital Management and Health Policy without any funding or sponsorship.