Raimundas Lunevicius, MD, PhD, DrSc, FRCS (Engl.)

Departmentof General Surgery, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, University of Liverpool, UK

Raimundas Lunevicius (Mr) qualified at Vilnius University, Lithuania, in 1986. He trained in general surgery at acute care and cancer hospitals in Lithuania, Sweden and Japan. Since 1996, he is a Senior Consultant General Surgeon. He completed Monbushou (Japan, 1998–2000), Fulbright – Humphrey (USA, 2008–2009), and King’s College Hospital (London, 2010–2012) Fellowship Programmes. He studied surgical oncology at Nagoya University and Aichi Cancer Centre, trauma systems and surgery at Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Shock Trauma Centre, University of Maryland. He participated in King’s THET Somaliland Partnership Programme in 2011–2012. He is a professor of general surgery, certified at Vilnius University (Lithuania) in 2007. In Sep 2012, he accepted an offer to work for the Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (general emergency surgery and trauma sciences). Gastrointestinal, biliary and abdominal wall surgery remains his primary clinical interest since the 1990s. His research interests include trauma surgery and epidemiology, laparoscopic conventional and subtotal cholecystectomy, and the global burden of disease and injury. He is the Lead for Mortality, Morbidity and Audit Governance in the General Surgery Department, Educational Supervisor and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Liverpool.

Terms of Appointment: November 2019 - December 2021