Jie Chen

Department of Health Services and Administration, School of Public Health, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, USA

Dr. Jie Chen is an associate professor in the Department of Health Services Administration at the School of Public Health, University of Maryland at College Park. Dr. Chen’s research fields include (1) health care disparities; (2) health care delivery system and policy; (3) behavioral health; and (4) economic evaluation.  

Her work uses a multidisciplinary perspective and involves collaboration with clinical leaders, community partners, and organizational decision makers. Her research on behavioral health focuses on the integration of health care organizations to promote behavioral health of vulnerable populations.

Dr. Chen has conducted research on patient-centered medical homes, including using mixed methods to design personalized activation and empowerment strategies to engage patients and reduce health disparities (PI of the Pilot Project, 5R24HS022135-02). She is leading a project (PI, R21MH106813-01) to investigate the impact of public health-integrated health care on health care access among people with mental illness and co-existing conditions.

Based on the encouraging finding of the NIMH project, she and her team further developed Project System-level Multidisciplinary Integration for popuLation health and Equity (SMILE) (1R01MD011523-01, Chen PI) to systematically examine care coordination practices between hospitals and communities, and evaluate their impact on hospital use for people with mental illness. An additional field of her research involves economic evaluation, including cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis of community intervention and state/federal policies. Dr. Chen has more than fifteen years of research experience developing, refining, and applying analytical methods to evaluate the impact of health policy and the health care delivery system on population health outcomes. Dr. Chen has been working closely with local health departments, hospitals, and community partners to design, develop, and evaluate care coordination interventions. 

Article Published in Journal of Hospital Management and Health Policy
* Effective mental health interventions to reduce hospital readmission rates: a systematic review

Terms of Appointment: June 2018 - May 2020