Li Luo, PhD

Hospital Management Institute, Fudan University; School of Public Health, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Li Luo, PhD, Professor of Public Health, is the Doctoral Advisor of the School of PublicHealth, as well as the Associate Director of Hospital Management Institute, Fudan University. After having obtained his Ph.D. in Fudan University in 2002,Prof. Luo conducted researches at a wide of institutions around the globe, including the WHO, Cambridge University and Harvard University.

Prof. Luo’s researches are fundamentally in the scope of medical system theory and applied research, particularly with the focus onHealth-care reform and performance management. Most of his researches are affiliated to major national projects, like the project under National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) he preceded over.

Further,Prof. Luo has been in charge of numerous public hospital reform, with respect to the performance management and evaluation of directors and employees of public hospitals, and to the digital transformation of healthcare system. His primary goal is to examine the effects of different policies and regulations on healthcare quality and efficiency. He has also participated in the planning of large-scale medical infrastructures constructions in Rural China, including medical institution; local pharmacy and drugstore; First-Aid Station and etc. Prof.Luo’s contribution has been recognized through several awards, including NationalScience and Technology Progress Award etc.

Terms of Appointment: July 2017 - June 2022