Article Abstract

Reinventing your business model via disruptive innovation: “DayHawk Radiology”

Authors: Peter Kalina


“Disruptive innovation” describes how an innovation transforms an existing sector by introducing greater simplicity, convenience, accessibility, and affordability than existed previously. Initially, the innovation may be considered controversial. Eventually, it may redefine the industry. Such is the case for teleradiology. Today, there are many teleradiology companies, most with US trained, Board-Certified radiologists. Yet, opportunities exist for improvement. There remains a need for efficient and consistent subspecialty interpretations by true experts. The solution to create and deliver value to the customer is “DayHawk” Radiology services, providing 24/7 daytime image interpretation to worldwide clients by radiologists already at an academic institution, working from any location. This would provide a desirable service to the marketplace—high quality, increased accessibility, a fair price; without the need for a large on-site staff. This proposal would solve the targeted customer’s concerns of value, cost, quality, access and outcomes. This technology is here. It behooves large established organizations to adapt to the necessary changes in order to create a competitive advantage.