Assessment of user satisfaction of service provided by Khartoum Medicines Information Centre (KhMIC)

Sara Y. Mohamed, Abdalla O. Elkhawad, Mohamed H. Ahmed


Background: Khartoum Medicines Information Centre (KhMIC) begins its activities in 2000, the first medicines information centre in Sudan, established by General Directorate of Pharmacy Khartoum State to promote rational medicine use and disseminate unbiased drug information among medical professionals in Khartoum State, as well as the public. The aim of this study is to assess the user satisfaction of service Provided by KHMIC.
Methods: A descriptive retrospective study was done KhMIC. Three hundred and forty-one callers were randomly selected out of 2,972 total number of callers from 1st June 2016 till 28th February 2017. Exclusion criteria: any enquirer was chosen once even if he called more than one in the study period, drug availability enquiries were excluded.
Results: Out of the 341 customers who were surveyed, 68% of them were physicians, 21.4% were pharmacists and 9.97% were public. Ninety-four percent of the physicians said that they were able to contact KhMIC easily by phone, email, or personally. Ninety-nine percent of physicians interpreted correctly, 98% of them received the answer at suitable time, 98% of them said that the advice was applicable, and gave them enough details, all of them are confident on response received from KhMIC staff, 98% of these answers involved patient care. Ninety-nine percent of them said they would use the service again, 70% of the surveyed physicians consulted the centre four times or more, 68% of them rated the service provided by the centre as very good, and 22% rated it excellent.
Conclusions: Our study shows that high physicians’ satisfaction regarding KhMIC services was found. This satisfaction based on quality, understandability, timeliness, confident, and helpfulness which would reflect positive patient outcomes.