Article Abstract

CBT Assistant Platform: web/mobile co-design solution for cognitive behavioural therapy

Authors: Stan Jarzabe, Kahou Cheong, Yi Wen Lim, John C. M. Wong, Reshmi Karayan Kayanoth, Jia Ying Teng


CBT Assistant Platform is a web/mobile co-design mHealth solution to support cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). CBT Assistant Platform supports the end-to-end CBT treatment process for clients suffering from psychological disorders and are currently undergoing CBT sessions with trained professionals. A therapist can create customized treatments through a web-based application that guide clients in following CBT homework routine, through their smartphone CBT app. Client support app utilizes evidence-based behavioural change strategies intelligently enhanced through the use of wearable devices and on-board mobile sensors. We built the CBT Assistant Platform hoping to improve delivery of CBT in the following key areas: two-way communication between clients and therapists, cutting the time of a therapy session and helping therapists serve more clients, and client’s adherence to the therapy rigor by engaging the client in therapy process and making CBT homework easier and more fun to perform.